Sunday, March 20, 2011


“Never give up hope.” - Emperor Akihito

“Hope is for suckers.” - Charlie Sheen

I don’t feel emotionally or mentally equipped to properly comment on the events that have occurred since my last post, but I must write. After all, I cannot expect students to write if I don’t. How can I challenge them when I fail to challenge myself?

Since my last post, nothing has changed dramatically in my own life (or, at least, nothing I’ll post about...) and that is something to celebrate. Especially when “the news” from a lot of places is not good.

The devastating tragedy along the North Eastern Coast of Japan is still being processed and will for some time. The people of Sendai wish they had “my problems” (e.g. “That bitch who cut me in line at the coffee shop!” etc.). To be clear, people’s homes are now rubble. Villages are gone. Tens of thousands are missing. Donate.

Despite all this tragedy, there are other stories...

Three weeks ago, protesters were celebrating in Tahrir Square after successfully pushing Hosni Mubarak from power. The Egyptian Revolution then inspired other organized movements to rise-up across the region. Unfortunately, the people of Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya soon discovered power will not succeed without a fight, which is exactly what the UN Security Council has agreed to bring to Col. Gaddafi. As of this writing, a “no fly zone” is in place, rockets have been fired, and Gaddafi vows he’ll fight these “new Nazis” in “a long-drawn war.”

Two and half weeks ago, protesters gathered in Wisconsin and seemed poised to change Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposed “budget repair bill”; unfortunately, they did not. On March 10th, the Wisconsin Assembly passed the collective bargaining bill with a vote of 53–42. People are pissed, but just how pissed? There are calls to repeal votes. And why not? Governor Walker never intended to listen to Wisconsin voters. He was bought by the same corporate cronies (who continue to benefit off tax breaks). Other Governors will most certainly try to pass similar laws that remove collective bargaining rights for unions. Walker should be removed from office. Good luck making that happen Wisconsin.

Despite the seriousness of these events on the home front, they seem insignificant when placed alongside the destruction in Japan. Yes, these are serious times.

A potential stage 5 nuclear meltdown still threatens to occur at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. The situation is being monitored very closely, (but is no longer on the top of the news headlines). Fire trucks and military helicopters continue to dump tons of water over the destroyed reactors and spent fuel rods in an attempt to “cool them down.” Enough radiation has already leaked into the environment to affect the food and water. This morning, Tokyo detected increased amounts of radiation in the air.

Anyway, I’m going to listen to a lot of music tonight. Stay centered... maintain. Don’t let the fear creep in...