Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Praise the Word!

In an attempt to block this horrible case of writer's block, I MUST write for an hour every day. After all, I have no excuse for doing anything less, if I can somehow schedule Emailing, texting, and jerking-off
into my valuable time, then certainly I can program these rusty old wings to write more. So, write on!

My first step in curing my lazy lack of creation is to utilize my email as a sort of back-and-forth conversation with myself. ...Why not? I mean, I type ad-nasum with so many others all day, everyday, so, I should at least give a little back to my brain. Second step, break my daydreaming sessions and frozen moments of information paralysis. Instead of over-analyzing and thinking-through every utterance I must seize the moment and act. I need to write my OWN story, instead of enabling the stories of Others. I also must stop spending so much time overthinking that last sentence or word choice and trust my instincts. WORK SMARTER! NOT HARDER! Lastly, I decide to briefly "bullet-point" the thoughts I acquire through my travels instead of over-thinking these ideas and seeing each as a mammoth project, I should approach these little "notes to myself" as nothing more than that so that the real projects in life don't get bogged-down by little scattered tid-bits of accumulated mindless musings. Just spit the damn thoughts out! Stop getting so backed-up in bullshit! For instance, these thoughts go onto pieces of scrap paper, pile-up, then I toss them out. Thus, I've been treating my own thoughts like trash. No more. I can still toss the scraps away, but at least I will now make sure to keep the real beef. Now, before thowing these thoughts out I will toss/post them onto this steaming technological trash heap - the internet. I will, like La Guardia, "Make my way through these damn piles!"

My thoughts are NOT trash. They may be nonsense, gibberish musings, but no more trash than the countless others uttering thoughts onto this same collective digital Mainframe. So let us build Babel! Art is Resistance.
- My friend Rosey recently advised me to "Black Out". Not blackout as in a power failure or get so drunk you "blackout", but "Black Out", i.e "Man Up", "Step Up", "Move on Up", "Get Uppity". It was nice to be reminded of this so bluntly. I need to stop "Crying over spilt milk." Time is spilt milk.
I have grey hair. Move it. No more hesitation. I must make my own art,
before others totally manipulate it for me.

- This past weekend, while grinding my way through yet another smarmy
performance of Lyrics and Lyricists at the 92/Y, I read an article about George Carlin. In the article, he advises a young comic to "keep writing, always." Duh! Carlin also showed this comic how he organized "thousands of idea files." Smart. As if that wasn't enough motivation to get to it... Last night, while working an event with Carol Liefer and Jerry Seinfeld, Leifer reflected on Seinfeld's ability to "always write for at least an hour everyday. While everyone else was just fucking off."
Reading back over the above lines, I realize my writing is not crisp. It is
tough and gnarled, filled with savage structural errors. Should I post? ...
Damn right I should. Don't hesitate - get past this zero hour, fill the blank page. I must make this a habit. One hour a day - no excuses. My writing will get better. I can regain my focus. Failure is my own fault. This confessional rant is my immolation and salvation.

Praise the Word!

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