Friday, September 05, 2008

American voters will make a choice in November, they will either pick the same xenophobic, environmentally destructive, religiously guided policies of the Republican Party, or, they will vote “Change” and vote Obama/Biden ’08.

“Country First”? What a foolish and ridiculous way to approach a global economy.

I’m not alone and trust others out there, like me, hope the intelligent people of this “free” nation will not be fooled by the same nationalistic war-mongering policies of the Republican Party. I trust we will stop fighting and begin creating real solutions to our many complex global problems.

The Republicans have insulted and raped our best values and principles for eight long years, we cannot allow them any more. When will we understand we do not need to “fight” for anything? Fighting is so ignorant and harmful. When will we evolve? When will we learn war gets us nowhere but a “dank dirty cell”?

The Republican campaign for the presidency wants more war and further racist aggressions on the people and lands of this planet. If America wants these principles to define us, then we will vote McCain/Palin ‘08. If America wants to optimistically and realistically affect the future for the better, it will vote Obama/Biden ‘08

McCain claims he wants a “lasting peace.” I trust his sincerity, and am well aware of his history, but I don’t believe he can ever achieve peace through his hunger for more war. His administration will only make this world more violent, impoverished, and extreme so that the Republican Party may continue consolidating its power through Disaster Capitalism. The only way to achieve peace is by acknowledging our problems do not come from outside our borders – they come from within – from our anger, ignorance, and fear.

America cannot continue its path of isolation. The world has changed. We must accept we are not all guided by “one God.” We’re guided by many (or in the case of this writer – none at all). These many many voices share one similarity –we’re all human and all rely on one fragile planet.

America must listen and work with the world so that we can start solving our problems together fast – before it’s too late.

Get out the vote! Obama/Biden ‘08!