Friday, February 08, 2008

This is Evolution…

By Nicholas Allanach

If January is any indication of the direction 2008 is heading, than it will be an amazing year: dreams will come true, happiness will be found, and great change will take place -fast. Of course, such dreams will only come true for those ready to sacrifice sleep, refuse to give-in to failure, and who’re willing to work tirelessly through fleeting hours to achieve them. Personal evolution isn’t easy and a path rife with discouragement. Those patient and brave enough to consciously transmutate their behavior to become better people will make it through these battles. Pero, infinitivo paciencia!

To be brief, January has been a month of positive intensity. My heart and mind have been racing ever since New Year’s Eve when some colleagues and I emptied a bottle of champagne in the street while screaming “FREEDOM!” at the Statue of Liberty from atop a hill in Park Slope at the stroke of midnight. Since then, this frenetic existence shows no signs of slowing down; admittedly, it’s difficult to keep my bearings when the world around me appears to be moving so damn fast. Yes, life is an adventure that should be filled with as many interesting and exciting experiences as possible; nevertheless, part of me longs for a moment to reflect back on my experiences to reassess what I’ve learned from them. Of course, working two jobs, taking two classes, maintaining a healthy social life, and struggling to complete a host of creative projects does tend to consume what little time I have for such narcissistic musings. So, some quick highlights…

I have a dream…I’d been looking forward to the long Martin Luther King holiday weekend for months. I know, silly; especially since the reason for my excitement was based on my long-distance infatuation from Puerto Rico. She is my fairy tale: beautiful, smart, caring, and seemingly impossible to ever be close to. Accordingly, as with all great fairy tales there is a tragic flaw, unfeasible goal, and romance in the desire of the chase; accordingly, we speak different languages, live in different countries, and have been bruised by different people. Nevertheless, something about the glimmer in her eyes compels me to think about her and not look at these things separating us as permanent barriers, but instead, obstacles to overcome that will make us into stronger (and yes, more evolved) people.

Long weekend made short: we had a great four days. Now that she’s returned to Puerto Rico, I miss her. But am also perplexed (and, admittedly, concerned) by the way I can’t stop thinking about her. What is it about my mind that compels me to get involved with someone? Why not remain single? Why imagine a future with anyone when I’ve been hurt before? Moreover, why imagine a future that seems so impossible? Why ask why? Fuck questions, I shall follow my instincts; besides, she probably doesn’t even feel the same. I guess for now, I’ll wait and continue a practicar mi espanol, asi un dia nosostros will have the ability to communicate our dreams. It’s strange, even though I’m surrounded by attractive and talented women everyday, the one that inspires me the most is a thousand miles away. Such are the mysteries of romance and life.
To be cont…

The Dope Show… The night of January 29th marked the fifth time I saw my favorite musician/celbratarian, Marilyn Manson. This time, the Antichrist Superstar performed alongside old school Manson bassist, Twiggy Ramirez, at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Although the “Eat Me, Drink Me” tour wasn’t as much of a blowout spectacle as past performances (i.e. “Mechanical Animals” and “Golden Age of Grotesque”), the group did play as aggressively and energetically as their shock-rock reputation demands. The set was made-up of a smattering of songs from various albums. Some of the best moments were Manson’s covering of Patti Smith’s “Rock n’ Roll Nigger”, “The Dope Show” and (my personal favorite) “The Reflecting God”.

Now, 39-years-old, some might think it due time for Marilyn Manson to wipe-off the eyeliner and get rid of his audacious gothic garb; but instead, he presses on, with his music, painting, and upcoming film “Phantasmagoria: the Dreams of Lewis Carroll”. Ultimately, it was refreshing to see an artist I respect and admire still living each moment like his last and still sticking his middle finger into the faces of those who thought he’d be tossed aside onto that pile of relics that were the angst-ridden 90’s. Surprise, surprise –the angst ridden “Beautiful People” are still here in ’08! And many are beginning to recognize the best way to live one’s life is as a work of art.

“Atheist Unite!”… Fittingly, the very next day, I ate lunch with my friends at Gotham Bar and Grill before going to work at the 92nd Street Y, where Christopher Hitchens was debating Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the subject: “Does God Exist?” The sold out event was well attended by both believers/deceivers and atheists alike. Ultimately, it was (as is usually the case) the devout who left the room feeling ignorant and misguided. I will not go into the details of the debate itself, since Hitchens was only reiterating the same arguments he’s made in numerous appearances and throughout his bestselling book “God Is Not Great” (previously reviewed on this page); furthermore, the good folks at Hitchen’s Watch have already covered this ground for us.

What Hitchen’s Watch didn’t observe my position as Asst. House Manager did while working the book signing line at the end of the event; accordingly, both Hitchens and Rabbi Boteach were sitting at a large table to sign copies of their books. As the line of fans snaked around the room and into the lobby, I was instructed to “Keep the line moving.” (Which proved near impossible since Hitchens was so busy rambling and posing for pictures.) Regardless, I tried to see if there was anyone in the long line who wanted to meet with the Rabbi. A few of the Rabbi’s fans brusquely moved forward. After they were on their way, I again asked the room “Is there anyone here to meet with the Rabbi? …Anyone? …Anyone for the Rabbi?” I almost felt bad for Rabbi Boteach, not only did he look like a fool out front of the sold-out crowd and those watching from the simulcast, but seeing him there at the end –defeated, sipping on wine and gripping to his assistants –a cruel spectacle indeed. Thus, if the line at the end of the night was any indication of who won the debate then the trophy definitely went to Hitchens. Before the Rabbi left the room (holding his personalized boggle head doll and books) he sarcastically announced to the room… “Atheist Unite!”
Of which I replied -“Damn right.”

New York Giants #1!… Super Sunday was amazing. The Giants defensive line sacked Tom Brady again and again and proved that underdogs can come out on top. Of course the game was close throughout the first three quarters; in fact, after the Patriots scored their second touchdown, many Giant’s fans were likely biting their nails and counting totally on Eli Manning’s pass-n-rush game plays that ultimately brought the trophy home by the close of the fourth. Manning proved himself a great quarterback. The Giants put up an amazing fight and now have a ring to prove it. Here was a team that was sloppy in the start of the season but, ultimately, came back in the very end to knock the formerly un-defeated Tom Brady and New England Patriots off their pedestal. Congratulations New York! I’m not a sports writer and nor do I think I’ll ever have the time to entertain such musings. But I just wanted to give a shout to the #1 team in the NFL.

Super Tuesday… Finally, this month started with John McCain coming out ahead as the likely Republican candidate for the presidential election. This should make us worry. I care not waste any more time writing about Mr. McCain since I’ve already stated my opinions about the man and will likely have to restate them again and again throughout this election season. Admittedly, I believe John McCain would make a better president then “W”, but this, of course, is self-evident. Who wouldn’t make a better president than “W”? The reason I do not support John McCain is because I believe the “conservative agenda” of the Republican Party has proven to be completely destructive to the real values of the United States. Unless, of course, by “good” and “values” one means a xenophobic, bigoted, and backward thinking United States, then McCain will be perfect.

Across the aisle, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are vying for their party’s nomination. Both are infinitely better than the current administration and would definitely be a step (no matter how small) in the right direction. Although it’s still too close to say who’ll gain the Democratic nomination, much of me believes Clinton (and her many powerful supporters) have already sealed the deal. Regardless, this page hopes Mr. Obama will beat-out the Clinton juggernaut so that the senator’s message of “change” will not only gain more stamina (as well as a more cogent explanation of what this “change” will look like), but will give the United States the opportunity to prove to the world what kind of “values” it really represents.

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El Mapa No Es el Territorio said...

nice to read from ya nick. i'm making my own weekend escape to PR next weekend, though i am going to celebrate my best friend's birthday. still, i am really looking forward to it, and to a possible (likely?) trip to india in march.

nevermind your inner cynic. love trumps all. follow heart, but listen well to mind. and as my mother used to say, keep a card up your sleeve.

atheist blessings,