Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yesterday night, while watching The White Stripes play two heavy hour-long sets (that essentially blew the roof off Madison Square Garden), I couldn’t help but think back to how fast this summer has come and, is inevitably, almost gone. I suppose life speeds up, there are never enough hours in the day to properly report. But from out of this mad flash of bars, hours spent on a swivel chair chugging away at this stupid keyboard, or just staring off into space, daydreaming –have I learned anything?

Bugle’s death, was one loss I experienced this past year. Ultimately, each of them have affected me deeply and differently. Thankfully, each, also gave me a new found respect for the value of life’s essential immediacy. Manson was right –“Without the threat of death, there is no reason to live at all.” Admittedly, such pursuits make it difficult to really think through, chew on, and savor the taste of this moment. Thus, my writing has been reduced (when it’s not fumbling through the, soon to be complete –proverbial- screenplay) to scribbles on scraps of paper, a ridiculous inundation of emails, and hastily shot-out text messages.

Jack White rocked it best, “Everyone has got a story to tell.” Too bad, there is never enough time to properly express, render, and record it. Perhaps the emails and text are the way to do it? ...Hmmm?
To be continued…

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